New Addington Wing Chun | Part Of The WCK UK Organisation

Sifu Bradley Thompson
Head Instructor

After watching a demo in Kent in 1998, I started training Wing Chun and over 6 years progressed to an assistant instructor and then teacher. I had found a passion which has remained with me since my first class, to the present day.

A period of travelling abroad and location changes due to work gave me the opportunity to train under several Wing Chun masters. Whenever it was not possible to find Wing Chun classes I would continue to train individually, which eventually led me to seek 1:1 training which I, fortunately, found under the expert tutorage of Sifu Chris at WCKUK in East Grinstead and here I have trained for the last 4yrs, progressing rapidly to where I am now working towards Tech 2 and have been honoured to be asked to join the teaching team.

Finding the WCKUK Organisation I feel I have found my true Wing Chun home and am excited not only to further my own knowledge and skills but to also be able to impart this to my students will be a privilege and an honour.

Sifu Steve Henty
Head Instructor

I have always been interested in fitness since a young age, I got into boxing as a teenager through to my early twenties, I then moved onto kickboxing and Thai boxing until my late twenties.

After trying out various martial arts I came across Wing Chun in 2008 in a local school, this was quite different to what I was used to as you didn't have to rely on fitness and had my balance taken from me very quickly when I tried to use my strength to control my training partner.

After a number of years I achieved my 1st black belt grade in 2012 and had dates set for my second but unfortunately had family and work commitments so couldn't find time to train.

I restarted my training in 2015 on a private lesson basis under Sifu Chris in East Grinstead under WCKUK Organisation.

After just 20 minutes of my introduction lesson I was blown away by the skill and knowledge by Sifu Chris, and after being unable to explain the single part of the theory of the Wing Chun system. I was happy to restart my grading back to student grade one.

I have now achieved my 1st TG (black belt) under Sifu Wes Hussey, and now feel a lot more confident and skilful in my Wing Chun.

After being asked if I would like to teach I was so grateful for the opportunity to further my training and to pass on the great knowledge that I have been taught under Sifu Chris.

I am now looking forward to many more years of training, training and progressing towards my 2nd TG.