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Myself and Bradley met in 1998 and trained together in Kent on a regular basis. Our Sifu then started his own school and asked Bradley to start taking classes with me following suit shortly after.  Bradley had his own location to start up classes which were known to be challenging but full of explosive techniques that kept students wanting to come back for more as they were eager to learn from Bradley.

Bradley and I became close training partners and what was to follow can only be described as hard work and dedication. Thanks to Bradley’s encouragement and support I made it through a grading fitness test at that time.

Bradley’s passion and dedication to teaching helped me and I would often invite Bradley to my classes to share his knowledge and Bradley has over 20 years experience in Martial Arts in which time he has been a student, an instructor and teacher. He really is a true dedicated Martial Artist!

Testimonial for New Addington Wing Chun – Sifu Gavin Gilbert

Sifu’s Bradley and Steve are very talented instructors who take their time to make sure you really understand and learn in every class. Highly recommended!

Testimonial for New Addington Wing Chun

I have known Sifu Bradley for over ten years. I first started training Wing Chun with Bradley on a one to one basis. His enthusiasm for the art and attention to detail is addictive, always encouraging the best out of the student, whilst keeping it fun. I remained training with Bradley as he increased his class to an average of 6-8 students.

I can’t recommend Sifu Bradley enough for anyone looking to learn Wing Chun.

Testimonial for New Addington Wing Chun

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Testimonial for New Addington Wing Chun